Yoga designed for you

We believe that because everyone can breathe, everybody can do yoga.

Join us for down to earth yoga with sweet tunes and plenty of fun!


**We currently have no classes on offer. Please contact for private yoga classes**


Yamala Yoga is run by co-owners Meg & Hilary in Brisbane, sisters with a passion for sharing their love of yoga and helping you achieve balance with your body, mind and soul. Yamala is the sanskrit word for “twins”, which fits Meg and Hilary perfectly as identical twins!

After practicing yoga for many years, Hilary and Meg decided to take their journey further by studying Yoga Teacher Training. They offer a unique style of yoga that is suitable for all levels and all abilities, from children to seniors. There is no requirement to get into a pretzel or hold a headstand for hours. Yamala Yoga encourage you to come, stretch, relax and smile. Come as you are and do what you can. Stretch out with sweet tunes, down to earth teachers with a loving and warm environment.

Yoga is fun and Meg and Hilary just can’t wait to share it with you!!!



Meg:    0423 970 549
Hilary: 0466 524 426