A little bit of Self-Care, Love and Happiness.

Hello, and welcome to the August edition of our monthly newsletter. 

As the weather really cools, it’s hard to feel motivated to get out and get active. But on these gorgeous Brisbane winter days, joining us in the park for Mums & Bubs Yoga really is divine! A big warm welcome to all our new faces that have been joining us each week. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know. 

Mums & Bubs classes run twice a week. Each Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am get bendy with us outside the Grange Library. Bring your little yogi and enjoy a flow in the sunshine. 

Remember this class is open to anyone (not just mummas – but also dads, grandparents, pregnant mumma’s-to-be, aunties, friends etc!), so if you don’t have a little yogi (or your little yogi isn’t so little and is off at school or kindy) you are always welcome to attend. 

The class is only $5 and we stay for coffee and chats after, so it’s a lovely way to mingle with other like minded individuals. We even have an onsite babysitter (a very pregnant Hil) to watch your kiddies, or they can get involved in the stretches too! Bliss!

  • Wednesday @ 9:30am – 10:15am 


  • Friday @ 9:30am – 10:15am


We can’t wait to see more of your beautiful smiling faces in our classes soon. 


Just a reminder that unfortunately we don’t have eftpos facilities available at this time. So please remember to bring cash or do a bank transfer for your passes. Just ask us for bank details if you don’t have them already. 


A Little Bit of Self-Care for New Mums

So this is probably well overdue, but with so many gorgeous new mums joining our tribe each week- we thought it was time to put this out there! Don’t forget though, this list isn’t just for brand new mums. If you’ve been ‘mumming’ for a while, it’s still a beautiful reminder to take some time out and really focus on ourselves for a little bit- because trust us, it will make the world around you feel a whole lot more lovely! 

Keeping in touch with family & friends
We were never meant to parent alone, so make sure you schedule some time to catch up with those around you. Why not create a group chat if you’re not close distance wise, share photos, stories and more about life. 

Remember you are still you!
It’s so easy to get swept up in this new life of motherhood, perhaps your back at work now too …so it can feel even harder to carve out some time for yourself each week. While your new life as a parent means you can’t just travel at the drop of a hat, or head out to the bar/nightclub each Friday night- try to find some activities that you enjoyed doing pre-kids and find some time to squeeze them in each week. Maybe it’s reading an actual book (not just information online about the next “leap” or transition in your babies development), a facemask, a bath or foot soak. Perhaps you schedule in 2 nights a week to head to your favorite gym class or go for a swim, or book dinner out with your partner (at a non-kid friendly restaurant!) Do it for your sanity, it works wonders. 

Write a feel-good list.
Write down a list of things that make you feel good, so next time someone offers to take your kids for a bit- look at this list and pick something that will fill your cup, without having to think too hard about it! Forget the washing, cooking and cleaning. That can wait. You deserve an hour to yourself to feel good instantly. Things like- painting your nails or going for a walk solo. Maybe a quiet coffee at the cafe. Anything that instantly brings a smile across your face. 

Remind yourself that you are doing an absolutely amazing job! Try to keep some humour in it all, keep smiling through the tough days and reach out when you’re just not feeling it. 

We’re here twice a week, if you want a chat- or simply want to escape the house and soak up some sunshine. We love supporting mothers, the new and the not so new. Community means the world to us, and we love each and every one of you! 

PS if you’re interested in a fabulous book with more brilliant information on stuff for new mums, check out “The little book of self-care for new mums” by Beccy Hands & Alexis Stickland. A beautiful little book that makes the most divine gift for any new mum! 


Something a little extra….

How to be Happy in your Relationship

So it’s not always easy, but it is absolutely worth working hard on. I utterly adore my partner, but sometimes I lose sight of that. These 10 little reminders are great to come back to when you’re feeling frustrated or out of touch. (You can come back to this list, not only for your partner- but there are some great reminders for everyday relationships too!) 

  1. Ditch the expectations
  2. Spend quality time together
  3. Give each other space
  4. Be appreciative and kind
  5. Prioritise Sex
  6. Be open
  7. Keep your relationship sacred
  8. Put each other first
  9. Value who they are
  10. Remember that love is a choice

A quick little list to run through when you’re struggling. Be open and honest and treat your relationship as if it is unique, rare and precious. Treat it like something you really value. Happily value your partner, without trying to mould them into something else and you will find it so much more enjoyable. These are some choices you can make each day to help determine how happy you are. You cannot simply wait and see, you must grasp it and work on it together for a future of love and happiness. 


“Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives”- Louise Hay

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