Welcome to the new year!

Hello! Welcome to our first Yamala Yoga Monthly Newsletter for 2019!

Another year has sped past, but this time we are ready for it! Ready for the adventures we will have, the hard work we will do, the fun we will have. We hope you are ready for it as well! We’ve ditched the New Year’s resolutions this year and instead decided on a mantra, or intention for the year. A statement that we can focus on when times are tough or the stress is real. Something to bring us back to this feeling of us. Feeling calm, feeling in control. We recommend you give it a try, think of a mantra for your year and let it guide you into a beautiful 2019. Happy New Year to our amazing Yamala Yoga tribe. We can’t wait to welcome you back to yoga this year – let’s do it!


General Yoga at the Paddington Annexe, Paddington. Our classic Yamala Yoga style class with plenty of flows, deep stretches and meditation suitable for everyone (including beginners, children and advanced yogis!). Casual Classes are $15 or $100 for a 10 Class Pass.

  • No Classes for Term 1, 2019
    ***Please note that due to the arrival of Meg’s little babe at the start of 2019, there will be NO general yoga for Term 1, 2019. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you currently have available classes on your 10-class pass, we have extended the expiry date 10 weeks to account for the reduced classes early next year. We anticipate that Meg will be back to teaching again for Term 2, 2019 (23rd April). ***


Mums & Bubs Yoga at Lanham Park, Grange (opposite the Grange Library on Sellheim St): Our favourite time of the week, yoga with beautiful mums and their gorgeous bubs. Suitable for all mums (or dad’s, grandparents, pregnant women, aunties, etc.!!) and children aged 0-5. The class is only $5 and we even have an onsite babysitter (Meg) to watch your kiddies, or they can get involved in the stretches too! Followed by coffee and chats at the cafe next to the library. Bliss! Starting 9th January!

  • Wednesday @ 9:30am-10:15am

Just a reminder that unfortunately we don’t have eftpos facilities available at this time. So please remember to bring cash or do a bank transfer for your passes. Just ask us for bank details if you don’t have them already.


Growing our way in to 2019

It’s only just the start of January, yet we’ve both planted some flowers, herbs and veggies in our gardens to set us up for the year! And while physically planting seedlings into the earth is a very literal way to grow this year, it is a beautiful metaphor for all kinds of changes in life.

There is always so much growing and learning to be done, each day! Our children remind us this, yet as adults we stop finding ways to grow and develop. Perhaps our life is too busy, to work is too stressful, or there is just no time! Well, we are here to encourage you to change your mindset for 2019 so that you DO grow, learn and thrive this year!

Physical Growth
We might not be growing taller like little yogi boy Henry, but there is still plenty of physical growth that we can achieve. Think about gaining strength in your body through a regular yoga practice. Getting physically stronger is growth! Each time you go for a walk, or step into a yoga class, or go for a bike ride with your family, you are growing physically…maybe slowly (so slow that you might not even notice at first!), but after a few months of a regular exercise routine, we promise that you will notice the increase strength, increased stamina, increased power. Go you!

Mental Growth
This is all about growing your mind. Learning more, expanding your horizons. Learning more about yourself – self love. Learning more about the world around you. How you achieve mental growth is up to you! There are so many ways to do this. Learn a new skill, or new language. Read more books. Do crossword puzzles or sudoku. Allow yourself the freedom to see things from new perspectives – think outside your comfort zone and learn to see other peoples sides to life.

Spiritual Growth
While we try not to get to bogged down in the spiritual side of yoga, it certainly is an incredibly important aspect in wellbeing. We don’t mean that you have to go to church every week or pray every day (but if that’s your spiritual calling, fantastic!). We mean slowing down, tuning in and listening to your inner voice. Taking time to meditate (even just for 10 minutes a day!) to really focus on your spirit and your journey through life. Learn to be present, through all the ups and downs of life. This really is, to us, the most amazing growth a human can experience.

So, why not start 2019 off the same way we did. Plant a seed and watch it grow!

Something a little extra….

Question and Answer with the Co-Owners of Yamala Yoga

Obviously, Yamala Yoga is run by us  (Hilary & Meg!!), but we thought it would be great to  introduce ourselves properly and to give you a bit of background about why we started Yamala Yoga and what we really get out of it. So, here is a little Q&A to get to know us a bit more:

  1. Tell us a bit about yourselves!
    We are identical twin sisters (& best friends!). We come from a big family (we’re the youngest of 5 siblings), and we’ve always been passionate about health and wellbeing. We have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, and decided to take the plunge with our yoga teacher training almost 3 years ago (wow, time flys!!).
  2. What made you start your own business?
    When we first did our yoga teacher training (YTT), teaching yoga was not necessarily the end goal (crazy, but true!). More than anything, we wanted to learn MORE about yoga for ourselves. Once we completed our YTT we decided to take a leap of faith and start teaching a few classes in the park as part of a bootcamp session with Hilary’s husband, and WE LOVED IT! Teaching yoga outside was amazing, and seeing the post yoga glow on everyone’s faces once they had finished was just priceless. We found a space where we could teach yoga rain/hail/shine, and we made it our goal to teach a yoga class that was designed for everyone to love (our general yoga classes are just that!). We never wanted to make our classes expensive or fancy, so we vowed to keep the cost down as much as possible – we don’t teach yoga to make money (we already have jobs that we enjoy!), we just wanted to share yoga with the community and make it accessible to all.
  3. What do you do for work, other than teach yoga?
    Apart from being an incredible mum to the gorgeous Henry and teaching our famous Mums & Bubs yoga classes, Hilary works  in clinical research. She is a total smartie and has a background in Chemistry, Biology, Forensic Science and Secondary Teaching!  These days, she manages clinical trials for new drugs before they are released to the market. Seriously amazing stuff!

Meg works as a receptionist / dental assistant at a beautiful family owned dental practice. While she’s always loved teeth (what a weirdo!), she is also passionate about sustainability and has studied Environmental Management and Education for Sustainability. Prior to being the size of a whale (thanks baby! haha), she also taught yoga at childcare centres around SEQ, to children aged 2-5! How cool is that!

  1. What’s your goal for 2019?
    We’ve both got a few personal goals for this year, but in terms of Yamala Yoga – our goal has always been the same. To make yoga accessible and easy for those who really need it! We’ve found that since starting the mums and bubs classes in particular, more than the yoga…it’s the community that we love. The coffee and chats, sharing experiences and life with other like-minded individuals. So, keep an eye out this year, hopefully we can add in another M&B class to our timetable.

We also want to grow our general yoga classes so that we can offer them a few times a week. Obviously due to a mini-yogi arriving soon we have had to pause these classes for the first few months of the year, however, we plan to be back and bigger than ever for term 2! Prefer an early morning class during the week or a Sunday yoga session? Let us know so that we can make our timetable work for you!


❝There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind❞- C. S. Lewis.  


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